Services For Seniors

PPS Services for Seniors

PPS, Inc. serves as your trusted, professional, and caring financial manager. We assist senior citizens and their families with an array of financial and administrative services.

We assist by:

• Managing day-to-day financial activity including validation and payment of bills, bank statement reconciliation, credit card statement review and communication with appropriate service providers to resolve client inquiries

• Analyzing and tracking all medical, charitable and other related deductible tax expenses

• Via online access, we will place alerts on credit cards and checking accounts for unusual transactions

• Reconciling medical bills with insurance statements, filing and tracking medical claims, preparing appeals, and verifying any outstanding balances

• Managing your household property, including insurance coverage, new equipment installation, valuable real assets

• Arrange for and manage an outside payroll service for household staff

• Creating inventories of all important legal and insurance documents and tangible assets

• Working with service professionals to insure a client’s legal, financial and medical documents are in order. At the client’s request, we can also serve as check signing POA.

• Performing these services at the client’s home, we can have the mail redirected to a PO Box where we pick up the mail and process payments, filing and other support services in our office. If the client or the family is technically proficient, the mail can be sent to us via email.

• On a monthly or quarterly basis, we will prepare a reporting package to your POA/family member of the income and expenses report by Quicken, a copy of the checking account statements, the PPS monthly invoice(s) and a status report.