Client Testimonials

PPS Testimonials

PPS has seen me through an almost unimaginably difficult snarl of medical insurance problems which surely would have given me a nervous breakdown had it not been for PPS - their competency, knowledge and compassionate assistance. ~ Clara S., Princeton

I feel I should be writing volumes to express my appreciation, but if I did it would all come down to this. “thanks so very much for what you provided and perhaps even more important, thanks for being you” your patience and caring nature brought a priceless dimension to all that you did for my mom. ~ Donald M., Oregon

It is a great relief to have my mother’s finances in such capable hands. It makes my mother’s life a great deal easier and more pleasant. ~ Debbie B., Great Britain

We extend to you our very best wishes for your continued success, and thank you again for your hard work, attention to detail, and persistence in working with my mother. ~ Hugh and Judy O., Florida

My filing was out of control! My payments were late! I needed someone to put this all in order while I concentrated on my business. PPS came to my rescue. Thank goodness. ~ Fran C., Rocky Hill

Offering more than paperwork service, PPS has gone above and beyond our expectations with their outstanding work, from helping to stabilize our grandmother’s expenses, to assisting us with special problems and navigating the complexities of Medicare. ~ Ian and Heather Z., New York City

QuickBooks is essential for my business, but I did not have the time to make it work for my business. My accountant referred me to PPS now we are both happy. ~ Kathy M., Lawrenceville, NJ

PPS’s organization and attention to detail, excellent sense of priorities, and very personable manner which allowed my father to work so well with PPS, turned my father’s affairs from somewhat chaotic to precise and smooth within a very short period. ~ Steve R., Pennsylvania

I realized I wanted a firm, rather than an individual, to do the work. Your team of people meant that even if someone was ill, or on vacation, we were always taken care of and the bills were paid on time. ~ Olivia K., Maryland

PPS provided truly caring and professional assistance at a time of an emerging medical crisis. Stephen and Karen were detailed oriented, highly ethical and very capable- but in addition- they are caring, kind and very responsive to the emotional issues present at that time. ~ Susan F., Princeton

I have an active social and family life and without PPS, I could not manage the household staff and the associated payroll, keep up with the mail, find documents when I need them. They literally handle my household administration. ~ Judy S., Princeton

I miss our regular conversations and I am eternally grateful for your kindness and assistance during my folk’s difficult transition from Princeton to Rochester. ~ Glenn W., Rochester, NY